About Midlands Voice

Midlands Voice is an independently-run news site based in the Midlands, UK. It features stories and voices from a wide range of individuals and communities. Reporting in a fair and accurate way, the goal of Midlands Voice is to impact the way people think and offer different perspectives.

It’s run by me, Amy Reast, a journalism student based in Birmingham, and originally from Nottingham. I’m fiercely proud of being from the Midlands (because lots of people forget it exists in the North-South debate!) and I want to show it.

What We Do

Midlands Voice focuses on representing and offering a voice to individuals and communities who are marginalised in society – and as a result, often underrepresented or misrepresented by mainstream media outlets.

Why We Do It

We believe that mainstream media outlets don’t always offer a real voice to marginalised individuals and communities in society. This website aims to challenge that – we allow people a platform to express their own stories. No judgement, no agenda, just good journalism.

Who We Feature

We feature a wide range of voices – of individuals and groups who are marginalised in society. This can be anyone from disabled people to black communities to LGBT groups to sexism to homelessness and poverty to mental health…

How We Do It

Currently a one-man-band, the site is created from a very determined journalism student’s uni bedroom. But it’s not about fancy newsrooms and high-tech features – it’s about telling the stories that matter, and telling them really well.

If you have a story to tell, have further questions or feedback, drop me an email at – amyreast.journalism@gmail.com.

Or, maybe you’re a journalist and you want to write for Midlands Voice? That’s fine too! Again, drop me an email with your story pitch.